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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Online Game Selection for Relaxing

Relax and Fun - Violent themes have been a mainstay in the video game industry over the past two decades. This is evident from the success of game developers and popularity among game lovers, but games with violent themes can not be classified as entertainment for relaxation purposes. As we know, there are so many people looking for entertainment to relax for a moment from the exhausting daily routine. Therefore, the game should be an entertainment alternative for relaxation purposes.

The list of online games below we choose to help you get a sense of relaxing. these games will provide a sense of relaxation and restore the spirit of tired minds. This game seems simple but actually is a masterpiece that can restore our freshness after a busy day by cleaning yourself from the pressures of modern life. Playing this game on the sidelines of a daily routine will help keep our condition fresh all day and other advantages, this game can be obtained for free!

1. Flow

First up is the eerie, calming experience of Flow. Starting out as a tiny organism –  basically a mouth and a torso – you have to swim around in blue gloop consuming other tiny organisms. At times you’ll find that eating something has changed your creature. Whether it’s a metamorphosis or accelerated evolution is irrelevant; after ten minutes your body will be longer, and you might have sprouted legs and other appendages and you’ll be chasing larger quarry. It’s not all forward motion; some of your soupmates will nibble bits off you too, but with some rudimentary diversionary tactics you can save your bacon. It’s lovely to play, and the music and simplistic design makes it an immediate and striking experience.
This sweet little puzzler is found on the Shaun the Sheep website (for those not in the know, it’s an animated series created by Aardman Animations, the people behind Wallace and Gromit). The wonderful physics engine makes this game a dream to learn as everything feels very natural; you’re supplied with three fully controllable sheep of different sizes. You have to work out how to get Timmy (tiny), Shaun (medium size), and Shirley (heavily overweight) over to the barn on the right of the screen using the swings, see-saws, ramps, steps, switches, and other paraphernalia lying around. You’ll be hooked to Home Sheep Home in no time by the adorable characters and laid back style of play, but later levels also offer quite the challenge.

Fauna-based fun abounds in Flower Reaction, where each level begins with a number of little flowers floating around the screen, bouncing off the edges. Your cursor is another flower and when you click, it stops and blooms to about ten times its size for a few seconds. Any flowers that bump into it also do the same, and any flowers that touch them do the same. The aim is to time the first one so that you get the largest chain reaction, hence the name. Several specially-colored flowers do tricks such as lingering longer or growing massively for a second. And that’s it.
You’re a giraffe – at least in Casanova  – trotting eastwards as a procession of other giraffes trots westwards. Each one has a neck of a different length, and all you have to do is click and hold the mouse button to extend yours so your heads meet for a kiss! The whole point of the game is to land a smacker on the lips of the other giraffes, collecting floating bonuses along the way, whilst the 70s sitcom theme tune plays jauntily in the background. It’s so adorably cute it should be illegal.

5. Little Wheel

Point and click games come in all varieties, but the particularly tricky and illogical ones would have no place in a relaxing game list. What makes Little Wheel stand out is the sheer beauty and atmosphere the game’s makers One Click Dog have created here. The graphics are striking enough to win awards, but the addition of a slinky jazz soundtrack sets the scene a 1920s Chicago, neo-noir theme. As for the objective, you have to work out how to get your robot across town to return power to the vicinity, although mentioning any more would spoil the experience.

6. Sleeping Tiger Jigsaw

Jigsaws are, of course, the world famous for their addictive nature. Sleeping Tiger Jigsaw is no different. This game is pretty much what Charles Babbage had in mind when he invented the programmable computer – a way of doing jigsaws when you haven’t got a table. it’s likely you all know how to do jigsaws so there’s no need to explain what’s going on here, so if you have an hour to spare and like a challenge, mesmerize yourself with this jigsaw puzzle. The pieces snap together satisfyingly when you place them next to a rightful neighbor, wherever they are on the screen. Nothing new, just a well-executed version of an age-old pastime; get yourself a tea and listen to your favorite music as you play.

7. Drifting Afternoon

Here’s another Ferry Halim classic: Drifting Afternoon. As with all this maestro’s work, it’s a joy to behold, looking more like a watercolor painting than a game. The action takes place on a palpably breezy day, and you have to aim with your mouse and jump your puppy (or it could be a kitten) from the balloon to balloon as they drift by, before your time runs out. You get points for landing on balloons and bonus points for jumping over them, and every so often a special balloon tops up your time – if you can land on it. No guns, no violence, just a breezy experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned game categories, there are arcade and board games, card games, strategy games, and puzzles. Game developers come with a variety of titles that offer unlimited entertainment. Choose the most pleasing to you and can give you a sense of relaxation.

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